Wildlife  Paintings

A Quiet Drink 30x40.jpg

A Quiet Drink 30x40

PUMA HIDING 24X20_Charles Berry.jpg
Looking for water 30x48.jpg

Looking for Water 36x48

Puma Hiding 24x20

Love on the Ice 24x18

the wolf pack 30x24 oil.jpg

The Wolf Pack 30x24

Close Enough 1.jpg

Close Enough 30x24

Leopard Stalking 24x18.jpg

Stalking Leopard 2 20x16

Winter Wolf 18x24.jpg
Serengeti Portrait 24x30.JPG

Serengetti Portrait 24x30

Keeping Safe _edited.jpg  48 x 36 oil

Mothers Protection 36x48 sold

Masters of the Serengeti 30x40

Masters of the Serengeti  30x40-1.jpg
Kilimanjaro Leopard 40x50.jpg

Kilimanjaro Leopard 40x50

Grevy Zebras 18x24.jpg

Grevy Zebras 18x24.jpg

Lone Bull Elephant 24 x 18.jpg 2_edited.

 Lone Bull Elephant 24x18

My Bobcat 14x18 -1.jpg

My Bobcat 24x18

Leopard Stalking  2  oil on canvas24x18.

Stalking Leopard 20x16

River Crossing 48x36

Winter Wolf 18x24