Wildlife  Paintings...original paintings available

Close Enough 1.jpg

Close Enough 30x24

Looking for water 30x48.jpg

Looking for Water 36x48

River Crossing 30x24 oil_edited.jpg
Winter Wolf 18x24.jpg

Winter Wolf 18x24

River Crossing 48x36

Kilimanjaro Leopard 40x50.jpg

Kilimanjaro Leopard 40x50

the wolf pack 30x24 oil.jpg
Tigers Cave 24x36.jpg

Tigers Cave 24x36

My Bobcat 14x18 -1.jpg

The Wolf Pack 30x24

My Bobcat 24x18

Keeping Safe _edited.jpg  48 x 36 oil

Mothers Protection 36x48 sold

Leopard Stalking  2  oil on canvas24x18.

Stalking Leopard 20x16

Lone Bull Elephant 24 x 18.jpg 2_edited.

 Lone Bull Elephant 24x18