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"There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,

There is a rapture on the lonely shore,

There is society where none intrudes,

By the deep Sea and music in its roar:

I love not Man the less, but Nature more."

                                              Lord Byron

Charles Berry: Bio

  Genres of my painting are Native American, African wildlife and tranquil landscapes. Each of the genres I paint offer different rewards, landscapes are atmospherically pleasant, wildlife is intense and gratifying personally, Native American has a personal interest of heritage.

  My interest in Native American art stems from my maternal Great Grandmother who was from  the Cherokee Nation. Hope you enjoy my paintings as much as I did in creating them and think about how our Native American Brothers and Sisters lived in harmony with Mother Earth. Our Creator is alive in everything that surrounds us. By taking just what you need…. there will be abundance for all. We are endowed protectors of this paradise in which we live.


  I am a self taught artist for the most part. Growing up in a family owned business, I learned much about whole brain thinking to solve problems. Right brain and left had to work in partnership. This enhanced my ability to understand form, composition and values.


  I try to reveal my deep appreciation of natural beauty. I've always had an affinity for nature.

Hopefully I can help people become more aware of that through my art. My paintings range from Impressionistic landscapes, Native American images and faithful depictions of exotic animals imagined as well as in their domain. Painting and drawing in a variety of mediums, oils are my primary preference.


  My paintings capture a rare sense of immediacy and intimacy. I try to draw the viewer right inside the painting and make them feel as though they are actually there. An avid traveler, I was in a constant state of motion which fueled my art career. I've experienced many things in my travels from touring the great museums of Europe to petting Dolphin from our sailboat where we lived for a year in the Caribbean.  All of the observances have been fuel and inspiration for painting.

   “Treat the Earth well.  It was not given to you by your parents It was loaned to you by your,  Children”


Shows, galleries, and memberships:

 Oil Painters of America,  juried member                                                            

 Mountain Oyster Club Show , fall 2016          

fine Art Expo in Scottsdale, AZ.                    

 Hidden in the Hills show,  2015-2019

  Art Expo New York, NY, NY. 6 years

 Art Qwest Gallery, Scottsdale, Az.

 The Art Department, Scottsdale, Az.

 Slaymaker Fine Art, Chicago, IL.

Del Sol Gallery, Sun City West, az

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