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Native American 

Deep in Thought 24x20.JPG
Learning to dance 34 x 24 oil.jpg

Deep in Thought 24x20

Navaho Land 24x20

Little Caretaker 24x20

Learning to Dance 24x34

3 Eagles 11x14.jpg
Giving Thanks 30 x 48 oil.jpg
Native healer 20x16.jpg

3 Eagles 11x14 

Giving Thanks 30x48 sold

Native Healer 20x16 

Lakota Dancer 24x18_edited_edited.jpg
Let's Go Hunting 36 x 48 oil.jpg

Lakota Dancer 24x20sold

Let's Go Hunting 36x48 

Learning to Hunt 18x24 oil.JPG
Tender Care 24x20 oil.JPG
Gathering Strays 24x36 oil -1.jpg
Hunting on a Cloudy Day 24x36.JPG
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