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Native American 

Deep in Thought 24x20.JPG
Learning to dance 34 x 24 oil.jpg

Deep in Thought 24x20

Navaho Land 24x20

Little Caretaker 24x20

Learning to Dance 24x34

3 Eagles 11x14.jpg

3 Eagles 11x14 

Best Friends 24x20 oil.jpg

Best Friends 24x20

Native Pride 20x16.jpg
Contemplation 24x18 oil.jpg

Native Pride 20x16

Peacepipe 24x36

Learning to Hunt 18x24 oil.JPG

Learning to Hunt 18x24

Giving Thanks 30 x 48 oil.jpg

Giving Thanks 30x48 sold

Lakota Dancer 24x18_edited_edited.jpg

Lakota Dancer 24x20sold

Let's Go Hunting 36 x 48 oil.jpg

Let's Go Hunting 36x48 

Cheyenne Warrior  24x18 oil.jpg

Peacepipe 24x36 sold

Gathering Strays 24x36 oil -1.jpg

Gathering Strays 24x36

Native healer 20x16.jpg
Matriarch 30 x 24.jpg
Hunting on a Cloudy Day 24x36.jpg

Hunting on a Cloudy Day 24x48

Native Healer 20x16 

Matriarch 24x30

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