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Horse  Paintings

Companions 24x36

war pony in moonlight 30x40.jpg

War Pony in Moonlight 30x40

Spooked 24x36 oil.jpg

Spooked 24x36

Scarlett in the field 24x48 oil.jpg

Scarlettjane in the Field" 24x48 oil

Two Feathers 2 17.5x17.5.jpg

Two Feathers 17.5x17.5

Black and White 18x24.jpg

Black and White 18x24

Appaloosa War Pony 24x36 sold

WIND SPIRITS 24X36 by Charles Berry.jpg

Wind Spirits 30x48 sold

Appaloosa War Pony   24 x36 oil.jpg

SOLD Wild Appaloosa 30x48

Andalusian Portrait 18x24.jpg

Andalusian Portrait 18x24

Companions 30x24 oil.jpg

Companions 24x36 sold

Lost Rider 30x38     oil.jpg

Lost Rider 30x38

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